My most recent project Samtal om Framtiden/Conversations about the future took place at Fixoteket in Bergsjön in the form of three conversation events in the beginning of 2019. Quotes from the conversations was exhibited as posters in master graduation show Things We Will Forget at Göteborgs Konsthall in april and may of the same year.

Conversations about the future was an investigation into context-based participatory dialogue and knowledge exchange.The project was realised together with the visitors of Fixoteket who participated in the discussion. We talked about the future from both structural and personal positions to develop our understandings of each other, the world, and the future we face.

Through this project period I developed both the theories and methods that makes the base of my master essay, and thus also lays the foundation for my future of inquiry-based and socially engaged research. A transcript from the first conversation in Bergsjön, the one that features the quotes that was shown the exhibition, can be read here. 




Detail from exhibition of Conversations about the Future 2019



Poetry and other texts

Words and writing are at the core of my practice, and act as an important tool for everything from practicing self-reflexivity to making lists. 

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Events, workshops and conversations

I work with facilitating situations in social community settings for meeting, taking part in inquiry-based dialogue, and/or in creative workshops. These meetings also act as a way  to develop methods for radical production of knowledge.


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Comic-strips and illustrations

When drawing I use my critical feminist perspective to investigate how power relations are reflected in everyday social situations, and often do it with humour. Preferrably I work with educational material. 


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Siri Frances Wibell

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