I am working both as a comic-strip artist and illustrator.

In 2010 I became a member of swedish women/trans-separatist feminist comic-strip network Dotterbolaget, and started presenting my drawings and got my first commissions. I have since continued working with feminist and norm-critical illustrations.

My work has mainly been commissioned by women's shelters, feminist youth organisations and left-wing magazines. I also love to work with educational material, and put most of my time in illustration working on such projects.


Illustration for Nätityder - Diskrimineringsbyrån Humanitas 2015


Education project for Tjejjouren i Eslöv

About power play in social situations 2017

I did a commission for a womens shelter for young people and their project Härskartekniker, about social power relations. The drawings was presented as part of an educational material during spring 2018.

Illustrations for Träffpunkten i Lund

Images for posters and digital presence 2017

Träffpunkten i Lund is an activity group for women and non-binary people to meet, share, and learn. In late 2017 I made some illustrations for their advertising of weekly meetings and events.

Education project for Diskrimineringsbyrå

Illustrations about attitudes online, 2015.

Diskrimineringsbyrån Humanitas ran a project about attitudes online directed towards young people, Nätityder, for which I did some illustrations in 2015.

Siri Frances Wibell

+46 729 757 665