Siri Frances Wibell works with social practice art and text from a norm-critical and intersectional feminist perspective. Their practice is directed towards long-term goals of increased dialogue, empathy, and equality in society.

Wibell’s current project Conversations about the Future (Samtal om Framtiden) started at Fixoteket Bergsjön and uses conversation as a common learning process in which the participants can create mutual understanding for each other and further a sense of belonging together.

In these conversations the relationship between individual experiences and personal stories and the social power structures that affect them is used as a base from which to collectively formulate new thoughts and ways of action for the future.

The project moves into Göteborgs Konsthall as part of Things We Will Forget - Akademin Valands avgångsutställning 2019 between 27/4 and 12/5. An open conversation about the future takes place at 18.00 on the 8th of May. 




Part of Conversations about the Future 2019



Poetry and other texts

Words and writing are at the core of my practice and is crucial to my projects, come they in the form of lists, poems or essays.

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Events, workshops and conversations

I work with cooperative production of knowledge in social practice settings, particularly with a focus on conversation. I do this both as an artist and an educator.


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Comic-strips and illustrations

Critical feminist perspectives on social issues and power relations makes the main theme also in my comic-strips and illustrations.


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Siri Frances Wibell

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