Artist Statement


SIRI FRANCES WIBELL (b. 1992) is a text-based artist from Norrköping (SE).

My fine arts practice is a continuous, performative and experience-based investigation of the world, society, and culture with text and language at the core.

The contextual frameworks I create for my art takes shape through lived experience and active participation in given social contexts: The framework or concept of the work is always a major part of the work itself. Production of new knowledge and the sharing of such is a central aim for my practice, and hidden or overlooked information and perspectives acts as a main inspiration. The work with time-based researching and archiving leads up to presentation through performance-lectures, readings, conversations, and participatory activities.

The political aspect of the works is an important part of them, and the themes often revolve around social justice and equality, and positions of otherness and exclusion within the bigger patterns. These positions are interrogated through critical studies of the structures and systems behind them. A main part of the performative and the writings is my theoretical positioning in gender studies, cultural studies, queer theory and intersectional norm critics.

I am currently enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts programme at the Valand Academy, with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Faculty of Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen. My extended practice includes illustrating, making comic-strips, writing, editing, coordinating, copy-writing, making music and sound works, teaching norm critics, cooking and more.

Photo by Karoline Montero Araya

Siri Frances Wibell

+46 729 757 665