Artist Statement


SIRI FRANCES WIBELL (b. 1992) is an artist from Norrköping (SE)

My practice is a continuous, performative and experience-based investigation of the world, society and culture with communication, text and language at the core. My writing is the engine through which the works are created, developed, presented and evaluated.

I make critical artistic research using lived and embodied experience, active participation, and collaborative production of knowledge. Queer, hidden, undefined or overlooked information and perspectives acts as my main inspiration and my theoretical positioning is with queer theory and intersectional feminism. I investigate feminist and anti-racist alternatives to the norm in everything from content and form to communaction and documentation. Democratization of knowledge is a central aim for my practice, and I often invite participators into my works both as informants and collaborators.

Currently I'm enrolled at the Master of Fine Arts programme at Valand Academy in Göteborg, and my Bachelor of Fine Arts comes from the Faculty of Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen. My extended practice includes illustrating, producing events, making comic-strips, writing, editing, coordinating, copy-writing, making music and sound works, teaching norm critics, cooking, and more.

You find my artist CV here.

Photo by Karoline Montero Araya

Siri Frances Wibell

+46 729 757 665